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Santa Ana, CA to pay new city manager a half million dollars annually, one of highest paid city employees in Calif

5:16am Aug 9 2013 —

enjoyed visiting with neighbors at @DePereWI block parties for Natl Night Out; met some new faces; I love this city!

12:02am Aug 7 2013 —

on this day in 1991, Tim Berners-Lee posted the first publicly available content on the worldwide web; thanks man!

9:00pm Aug 6 2013 —

love the colors downtown; kudos to @DePereWI Beautification Committee

9:32pm Aug 4 2013 —

RT @d3footballguru: #D3football schools hosting NFL training camps: @saintjohnfis @suny_cortland and @stnorbert @nfl

9:31pm Aug 4 2013 —

for the 2013 season, the @Raiders reduced their stadium capacity by 9,846 seats #attendencefail

7:23pm Aug 3 2013 —

so, Doug Pederson (former @Packers QB) is now the offensive coordinator for @KCChiefs; hmm

7:01pm Aug 3 2013 —

RT @deperewi: 35 years ago this month, De Pere started using the 911 emergency phone number

4:53pm Aug 3 2013 —

@PGDougSchneider fire trucks were there before I left; not sure what happened

in reply to PGDougSchneider — 2:26am Aug 3 2013 —

#gasprice $3.629/gal at Ymart, Lost Dauphin at 4th in @DePereWI

12:23am Aug 3 2013 —