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RT @Jason89: ICYMI @seznet publishes the NFL schedule by team etc. via an updating URL to enable easily adding to any calendar…

11:45pm Apr 27 2015 —

it’s pretty cool the first time you see NFC used RT @neilamonst3r: @jaigurudevaom07 I got @crevier into it last summer.

3:53pm Apr 25 2015 —

RT @festfoods: Last day for $5 bucket of chicken with this coupon!

3:50pm Apr 25 2015 —

you got that right RT @caseymae: the way we board planes makes no sense

4:42am Apr 24 2015 —

RT @neilamonst3r: I love you Google wallet. #NoNeedToPullOutMyWallet

2:00am Apr 24 2015 —

“You’re a feminist or a masochist. -Gloria Steinem”, interesting article by @ShellyMumma; I SO want to understand

7:55pm Apr 22 2015 —

it’s Wednesday, it’s 10:00am, it’s Sacred Hour on the stnorbert campus

3:00pm Apr 22 2015 —

#gasprice $2.399/gal at YMart, 4th/3rd/Lost Dauphin in @DePereWI

12:52pm Apr 22 2015 —

RT @1bizzywriter: St. Norbert rolls out new MBA program. My latest column for @WisBusiness

12:32pm Apr 22 2015 —

this beagle got loose from a family home here in @DePereWI last night (west side); please keep your eyes open

12:30pm Apr 22 2015 —