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what can I put in trash? what can I drop off at @DePereWI municipal service center? where is the MSC? answers here:

10:26pm Jun 26 2015 —

trying to track down the “phantom poopitrator” in Atlanta

12:12am Jun 26 2015 —

got a bar or restaurant in @DePereWI? gonna have a loud band? you need this

11:02pm Jun 25 2015 —

9:12pm Jun 25 2015 —

emerging technologies and education, what a match! is this you? come work with us at @stnorbert #busedu #edtech

2:20pm Jun 23 2015 —

can’t see what’s in front of the semi in front of you? check out Samsung’s transparent truck

5:14am Jun 23 2015 —

RT @KTLA: Remains of child missing for 10 years found in trash bag in trunk of mother’s car.

2:49am Jun 23 2015 —

@RedCrossBloodBH thanks for the info; you may want to update the description on your web site; I’ll try to make it

in reply to RedCrossBloodBH — 12:07am Jun 23 2015 —

@RedCrossBloodBH when is Super Donor Days in Green Bay? site only allows sign up for Thu 7/2, but desc says Jul 2-6

9:02pm Jun 21 2015 —

waiting in the wings at the @stnorbert Campus Center for my 15 mins with freshmen; love sharing important @sncits info!

12:35am Jun 19 2015 —