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RT @Astro_127: Wishing everyone a very happy, safe, and peaceful #Thanksgiving .

2:28pm Nov 26 2015 —

pumpkin pie smells; mmm RT @akeehan: Quote of the day! “If it smells…then you’ve got to wash it”

2:09pm Nov 26 2015 —

RT @tomf80: This is why presidential opinion polls and likely voter polling is increasingly unreliable.

3:27am Nov 26 2015 —

RT @ClarkBeckham: Christmas show 🙂 Pigeon Forge! I wanna see you there. Southeast fans I gotta see ya!

3:25am Nov 26 2015 —

it’s hard to know what to do with this info; this is what Paris thought on Nov 12

3:14am Nov 26 2015 —

watching it now MT @HISTORY: Get those chestnuts off of the open fire, it’s time for #60sChristmas!

3:05am Nov 26 2015 —

hey @WEMOcares any news on this feature? it’s been a year now since our conversation

11:42pm Nov 25 2015 —

Alexa trigger the garage door; with @AmazonEcho and @WEMO no more having to push that stupid button #WEMOthat

9:44pm Nov 25 2015 —

there’s a peaceful easy feeling on the @stnorbert campus today; how to spread this worldwide?

8:24pm Nov 25 2015 —

here’s a beautiful look at the @stnorbert campus a year ago today (no snow, high of 48 today)

2:34pm Nov 25 2015 —