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RT @Rachel__Nichols: I’m watching an NFL game on Twitter. On a plane. On a Thursday.
Glad I don’t need to explain this to 2005 Me, where w…

9:39pm Sep 22 2016 —

right on brother!

9:34pm Sep 22 2016 —

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RT @sncits: ITS leadership toured construction of Mulva Family Sports Center today @MironConstruct @crevier @DrRaviAgarwal @downrw @kmluken…

5:49pm Sep 22 2016 —

cool to see the new @stnorbert swimming pool under construction today in the new Mulva Family Fitness and Sports Ce…

5:49pm Sep 22 2016 —

RT @sncits: training session for our student employees; some very smart geeks working with us in ITS

5:11pm Sep 21 2016 —

looks like we’ll consider plowing Fox River Trail in @DePereWI; but it’s a @browncountywi park, still haven’t heard why they won’t plow it

9:07am Sep 21 2016 —

.@AdrianBulldogs ice hockey coach/players receive reprimands and suspensions from @NCAA; misconduct in quarterfinal

8:10am Sep 21 2016 —

city council mtg @DePereWI; standing for pledge of allegiance: 8 aldermen, 6 city staff, 3 guests (mayor absent); sitting: none

7:31pm Sep 20 2016 —

heard WDP doesn’t want to be the biggest school in the conference; check football standings at…

7:15pm Sep 20 2016 —