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Ron Van Den Heuvel, who ripped off the people of Wisconsin (plead guilty to conspiracy to commit bank fraud) and ga…

9:15am Dec 29 2017 —

@FrankLuntz the apology is noble; however, I often hear people kid around, saying “if it’s on the internet, it must…

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RT @BpDavidRicken: Tempted to take down your Christmas tree and decorations? Don’t! Our celebration of Jesus’ birth goes all the way throug…

9:37pm Dec 28 2017 —

@theblaze it’s hard for American business owners to know when discriminating is okay; a baker cannot discriminate b…

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@DailyKeller Jesus was a teacher.

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11:33am Dec 26 2017 —

RT @barstoolsports: I’m not crying. You are crying

4:41pm Dec 25 2017 —

RT @sncGOP: Merry Christmas from the St. Norbert College Republicans! Wishing you all a happy and blessed day #HeIsBorn

4:39pm Dec 25 2017 —

apparently @bretthundley7 doesn’t know the definition of “consistent”; I thought he was very consistent tonight

11:41pm Dec 23 2017 —

@WiStateJournal wow, feeling generous, eh?

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