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@WFRVLocal5 northbound or southbound?

in reply to WFRVLocal5 — 7:58am Jun 26 2018 —

#gasprice $2.749/gal at YMart, 4th St @DePereWI

8:58pm Jun 21 2018 —

so, neighbors, if you see one of these speed signs in @DePereWI (like this on on 4th St), it sometimes means that r…

8:46pm Jun 21 2018 —

closing down @DePereWI Farmer’s Market with @KiarMedia @BrendaBusch @DowntownDePere and some new friends; come down…

8:38pm Jun 21 2018 —

.@DePereWI did nice job with temporary 4-way stop on Grant St at Mid Valley Dr; plan is for it all to go away by Au…

7:06am Jun 21 2018 —

@soccerbob and I’m sure when you look at that ball, you think of each of your girls and their contributions to the effort; nice job man!!

in reply to soccerbob — 7:23am Jun 20 2018 —

RT @soccerbob: Just a man, his coffee and a GOLD ball!

7:23am Jun 20 2018 —

WAHPC (Wisconsin Assoc of Historic Preservation Commissions) recently awarded Saks Holdings (Andy Kranz) it’s Histo…

7:06am Jun 20 2018 —

one of my biggest pet peeves as alderman is when resident or biz owner makes request of the city (grant, variance,…

7:01am Jun 20 2018 —

RT @LevineJonathan: Someone decided to use a drone with a flamethrower to clear debris from power lines and now my life is complete https:/…

1:40am Jun 20 2018 —