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@greta here here; opinion is fine, as long as it’s presented as such

in reply to greta — 4:44pm Dec 19 2018 —

really cool Christmas program at Syble Hopp School in @DePere today, thanks to an invite from @kmlukens, new board…

4:40pm Dec 19 2018 —

cool snow globe display in the @sncits Service Desk office

4:02pm Dec 19 2018 —

RT @thecompassnews: ‘It’s all about the people, not the steeple’; Deacon DeCleene says St. Norbert College Parish p…

12:41pm Dec 19 2018 —

RT @marasaidso: I am sick to death with how sensitive we’ve become. What was wrong with this tweet? Where tf do you think the North Pole le…

10:54pm Dec 18 2018 —

RT @NBCNews: The historic Apollo 8 flight launched 50 years ago this week.

9:06pm Dec 17 2018 —

@caseymae I know nothing about the Babysitters Club, so I don’t really get this tweet; but I get you, and I love yo…

in reply to caseymae — 9:02pm Dec 17 2018 —

RT @MarkTauscher65: As has been the case every loss last 4 road games GB has gotten the ball back with game tied in 4th Q and went 3&out ev…

3:07pm Dec 16 2018 —

@rothchris yes, he’s average cuz he’s missing throws like that, all season, like average QBs do

in reply to rothchris — 2:57pm Dec 16 2018 —

RT @rothchris: remember when Rodgers NEVER missed open guys deep?

2:14pm Dec 16 2018 —