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more people need to see this; a solid, non-politcal look at illegal immigration, caravans, and the MS13 gang; 10 mi…

1:12pm Mar 17 2019 —

RT @sncmenshockey: UW Stevens Point victorious over St. Norbert College by a final score of 3-0. Congratulations to the Pointers on a treme…

9:20pm Mar 16 2019 —

RT @sncsid: UW-Stevens Point leads St. Norbert 3-0 after two periods. St. Norbert with have 42 seconds of PP time to start the third period…

8:22pm Mar 16 2019 —

RT @sncmenshockey: After 1 period of play St Norbert trails Stevens Point 1-0 on Kelly O’Briens 6th goal of the year at 16:24 of the period.

7:41pm Mar 16 2019 —

teams are warming up on the ice; St. Norbert at UWSP for the #NCAA D3 quarterfinal ⚜️⚔️ #d3hky #GKP 🏒🥅

6:37pm Mar 16 2019 —

RT @sncmenshockey: Warm-ups are underway at K.B. Willett Arena. Face-off in about 30 minutes.

6:33pm Mar 16 2019 —

#gasprice $2.499/gal at YMart, 4th St at 3rd St at Lost Dauphin Rd @depere ⛽

2:47pm Mar 16 2019 —

RT @stevejagler: Attention all residents of @DePere … @_Graef_ experts will present the best options for replacing the city’s two aging pub…

3:44pm Mar 15 2019 —

RT @SNCSportSection: 👀👀 look who made front page! @sncmenshockey

Thanks again to @crevier for letting us use his photo!…

7:55am Mar 15 2019 —

@seancrev I just don’t see how authorities can be splitting up these families; parents shouldn’t be arrested and se…

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