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Goodwin, quoting LBJ: “It’s better to have your enemies inside the tent pissing out, than outside the tent pissing in.” #edu14

3:00pm Oct 1 2014 —

RT @dgerman44: Goodwin: common attribute among true leaders is the ability to self motivate during period of trials and frustration. #edu14

2:56pm Oct 1 2014 —

RT @eyb: Love the stories @DorisKGoodwin is sharing about Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, and Franklin D Roosevelt #edu14

2:55pm Oct 1 2014 —

“Leadership Lessons of History from the American Presidents”, Doris Kearns Goodwin; fascinating! #edu14

2:49pm Oct 1 2014 —

it’s official: free unlimited storage with Google Drive for Education #edu14

9:39pm Sep 30 2014 —

links to dozens of Service Catalogs #edu14

4:02pm Sep 30 2014 —

“ITIL is not about being perfect, it’s a framework for our conversation…provide the best possible service”, Gil Gonzolez, @UNM CIO #edu14

3:57pm Sep 30 2014 —

Clayton Christensen speaking at EDUCAUSE #edu14

1:18pm Sep 30 2014 —

EDUCAUSE General Session about to start. #edu14

12:26pm Sep 30 2014 —

being a good technology manager is not about the technology #edu14

2:28pm Sep 29 2014 —