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@ECwagner well, apparently that keg party went to @gegere; so I’m expecting to be invited too; maybe he’ll use it at #gbtu

in reply to ECwagner — 6:00pm Aug 21 2009 —

just bought the ingredients for cheesy potatoes for #gbtu tomorrow; I’ll see you there

6:00pm Aug 21 2009 —

RT @GBTweetUp: If you’re coming to the #gbtu, you could win this great shirt from @sconnie! But what size?

6:00pm Aug 18 2009 —

RT @GBTweetUp: If any local businesses would like to donate some free shwag for us to give away at the #gbtu, please DM us ASAP!

6:00pm Aug 17 2009 —

@gegere are we all bringing food? I’ll bring the cheesy potatoes #gbtu

6:00pm Aug 12 2009 —

@gegere cool; yeah I never did understand why @pseroogy and @lseroogy had rain at theirs #gbtu

in reply to gegere — 6:00pm Aug 12 2009 —

@pseroogy I heard we’ve already got our next #gbtu planned, perhaps hosted by @gegere so I’ve ordered another batch from @leftylea

in reply to PeteSeroogy — 6:00pm Jun 6 2009 —

looks like we’re definitely gonna need an umbrella for #gbtu; I’m still coming for cheesecake lollipops by @lseroogy

6:00pm Jun 5 2009 —

my 3rd born is putting the cheesy potatoes in the oven right now; I hope no one else likes them #gbtu

6:00pm Jun 5 2009 —

heading out to #gbtu; how long does it take to get to De Pere?

6:00pm Jun 5 2009 —