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RT @stnorbert: “Be creative and love. If you do that, you’ll never grow old.” – Benjamin Kim Paplham ’18 #SNCgrad #SNC2018

3:28pm May 13 2018 —

RT @stnorbert: “When God guides you, listen.” – Janet Servais ’18 #SNCgrad #SNC2018

3:27pm May 13 2018 —

RT @sncits: nice photo of the Ahonen family at @stnorbert Commencement; also love Mark wearing Kurt’s Star Trek tie #SNCgrad…

4:59pm May 17 2017 —

many congrats to my friend @ECwagner on earning your MBA @stnorbert #SNCgrad

2:30pm May 14 2017 —

cool to have a geek on stage! #SNCgrad

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2:40pm May 18 2015 —

RT @stnorbert: “Nobody makes him or herself great by showing how small someone else is.” – Wronski ” #SNCgrad

7:23pm May 17 2015 —

“always operate from a place of kindness in everything you do…taste your words before you spit them out” Marti Wronski @stnorbert #SNCgrad

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RT @stnorbert: Loved ones who can’t be on campus for graduation today? Both Mass & Commencement will be streamed online.…

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