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RT @Nabb669801: If anyone’s knows of or sees a Later model GMC Yukon or Sierra or Chevy Silverado, Tahoe or Suburban with extensive front e…

2:17pm Jun 1 2019 —

@BusEdCrev @Jeep pretty cool indeed; gotta watch it multiple times, and pay close attention to the details 🇺🇸

in reply to BusEdCrev — 10:22pm May 31 2019 —

RT @Jeep: Picture freedom like never before. Jeep® Big Game Blitz brings you The National Anthem in a word-by-word visual score performed b…

10:21pm May 31 2019 —

@BusEdCrev @Jeep not yet; gotta go find it now

in reply to BusEdCrev — 10:17pm May 31 2019 —

RT @Newsweek: Disney, Netflix and all the other companies potentially boycotting Georgia over abortion restrictions

9:52pm May 30 2019 —

RT @thewillwitt: Disney has been filming in:

Bolivia, where abortion is illegal
Croatia, where abortion is illegal after 11 weeks
The UAE,…

9:51pm May 30 2019 —

RT @AndrewBrandt: Friend sent me this to share. Fan sent letter disgusted with Bart Starr’s coaching, was completely disarmed and re-engage…

11:31pm May 28 2019 —

RT @AGT: It looks like @Kodileerocks just proved to the world that talent is limitless! #AGTPremiere

11:28pm May 28 2019 —

@DMB_29 in-fricking-credible!

in reply to DMB_29 — 11:28pm May 28 2019 —

@seancrev @chrisrock @netflix I heard Chris Rock talk about his daughter with his wife; perfect indeed!

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