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RT @JackPosobiec: And here we see the Mayor of San Juan bravely delivering truckloads of reporters to hurricane victims…

5:07pm Oct 1 2017 —

RT @HuffPostPol: 34 schools in Louisiana told by district that athletes should stand for national anthem https://t.…

12:01pm Oct 1 2017 —

RT @xmasape: Cutler really selling his role in the Wildcat at the bottom of the screen

11:56am Oct 1 2017 —

RT @MWCSports: Congrats to head coach Dennis Detrie on his 150th victory! #d3soccer #MWCPride…

11:43am Oct 1 2017 —

RT @CNN: This man’s lung tumor turned out to be a toy traffic cone he swallowed 40 years ago

12:10am Oct 1 2017 —

RT @ReutersUS: Puerto Rico governor says relief arriving to storm-ravaged rural areas

12:04am Oct 1 2017 —

RT @woot: The only one who can’t enjoy this desktop, is this desktop……

12:03am Oct 1 2017 —

@FEMA is always criticized for response time, always; just scrap it, keep tax dollars in the states; handle disaster planning at local level

10:27pm Sep 30 2017 —

RT @DePereFire: De Pere Fire and Rescue hosts annual open house

7:52pm Sep 30 2017 —

RT @seinlanguage: Kramer: “Oh yeah, I’ve been known to drink a beer or two, but then again, I’ve been known to do a lot of things.”

7:52pm Sep 30 2017 —