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I tweeted this a year ago, and I still firmly believe it; in a short while, I’ll share how we’ve done in 2018 as co…

2:05pm Dec 10 2018 —

RT @Seinfeld2000: I dont want a lot for christmas

there is just one thing i need

I dont care about the presents

Just new seinfeld on tv

8:02pm Dec 9 2018 —

RT @NASA: Mars has a new resident! Since landing, the @NASAInSight mission captured images of the Red Planet’s atmosphere and surface using…

7:59pm Dec 9 2018 —

#gasprice $2.259/gal at YMart, 4th St at 3rd St at Lost Dauphin Rd @depere

3:38pm Dec 9 2018 —

great day for @SNCWBB beating Ripon College in a nailbiter, 49-47 #GKP ⚜️🏀

2:50pm Dec 8 2018 —

RT @SNCSportSection: Take a break from finals and show you’re #GKP today!

Women’s 🏀 at 1 pm AT 🏠
🏊‍♀️🏊‍♂️ at 1 pm
Women’s 🏒 at 2 pm

12:22pm Dec 8 2018 —

RT @SNCWBB: GAMEDAY!! We host Ripon College. Jump ball at 1:00pm,
Live Video can be found here, #KnightBall #GKP

12:21pm Dec 8 2018 —

RT @BurgerKing: how do you order a Whopper sandwich for a penny “at” McDonald’s? here’s how. #WhopperDetour https:/…

9:23am Dec 8 2018 —

2:02pm Dec 7 2018 —

“if you love your job, you’ll never work a day in your life”; I get to work with these incredible technicians every…

5:40pm Dec 6 2018 —