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my first #AshWednesday working @stnorbert (2/24/2004) 2 wks after starting: @geoman7447 said “hey, you’re Catholic, let’s go to Mass” #cool

8:40pm Mar 1 2017 —

wait, there’s a group advocating for the cleanliness of the lower Green Bay and Fox River, and they’re called the Clean Bay Backers #cool

7:17pm Jul 30 2014 —

hey @UKinHolySee, interesting that you’re now following me; should have met when I was there; I hope you find what you’re looking for #cool

1:26pm Nov 8 2013 —

looking at appliances with @triciacrevier; this fridge has twitter #cool

8:53pm Oct 13 2012 —

just connected to home comp on my cell phone via teamviewer to record @Packers #FamNight #cool

6:37pm Aug 3 2012 —