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@abureuben you’re welcome; let me know if you hear of anything good #econnect14

in reply to abureuben — 11:04pm Mar 17 2014 —

@abureuben we’re testing phpScheduleIt (free/open source); jury is still out #econnect14

in reply to abureuben — 9:11pm Mar 17 2014 —

@abureuben Web Checkout got a thumbs up, though expensive; Wasp is okay, but not for reservations; I’m not familiar with either #econnect14

in reply to abureuben — 9:07pm Mar 17 2014 —

interested off site web/services hosting (not just cloud data storage); anyone? #econnect14

9:05pm Mar 17 2014 —

founder of PeopleSoft left after hostile takeover, formed Workday; huh? #econnect14

7:44pm Mar 17 2014 —

“Moving To The Cloud” session changed to “Workday Mobile1st” at last minute; commercial plug; confused #econnect14

7:38pm Mar 17 2014 —

discussing borrowable portable electronic equipment; if not returned, it’s stolen, notify police dept; interesting #econnect14

6:50pm Mar 17 2014 —

done RT @tdm00: @crevier sounds great, 10:20 outside Zurich D? #EConnect14

3:12pm Mar 17 2014 —

RT @mzyw: Live-googing Monday #EConnect14 General Session with @KevinDJones…

2:55pm Mar 17 2014 —

@tdm00 would love to hear your #evernotetips; I have one or two; let’s connect #EConnect14

2:44pm Mar 17 2014 —