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yes, I believe you can RT @busedcrev: Can you use #hootsuite to manage a #twitter hashtag list even if you don’t have a twitter account?

5:28pm May 26 2012 —

looks like many folks are having performance troubles with #Hootsuite today, and @hootsuite_help hasn’t tweeted about it; hmmm

11:18am Jan 31 2012 —

#HootSuite – It’s not your father’s Twitter app. Unless your father is a social media overlord.

6:00pm Oct 14 2009 —

#HootSuite now allows you to share files (PDF, DOC, JPG, etc) via twitter; this is a very cool feature

6:00pm Sep 9 2009 —

just used the new #HootSuite feature to share two PDFs and a JPG; works pretty cool; what do you think?

6:00pm Sep 9 2009 —

@ssleger I can’t think of a better reason to upgrade to #HootSuite 2.0; my recommendations are gold

in reply to ssleger — 6:00pm Sep 5 2009 —

@hootsuite_help I’d like to be able to share a column (esp. group w/dozen ids) with another #HootSuite user, or just give them a copy

6:00pm Sep 5 2009 —

I upgraded to #HootSuite 2.0 because trying out hootsuite for the first time; might as well start with 2.0

6:00pm Aug 23 2009 —