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would be cool if we all felt for our unborn men and women like we do for animals #ProLife

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RT @March_for_Life: Have you seen Laura Klassen’s catchy pregnancy announcement video with a powerful #prolife message?…

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RT @jamesrgoodman: If you love GOD, love the life He created.

#PraytoEndAbortion #ProLife #DefundPP #UnbornLivesMatter #VoteProLife https…

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conceived in rape: “I did not deserve the death penalty for the crime of my biological father” #prolife

7:32am Feb 7 2017 —

I so love this; @stnorbert offers services and support to pregnant students; so proud to be a knight!! #prolife

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RT @DailyMass: Vote today to End Abortion! #ProLife

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though I’m not on @stnorbert campus this week, I’m praying for efforts of @snc_life and especially for the most vulnerable #prolife

10:00am Apr 11 2016 —

.@annanotherthng @reidribble @WFRVNews I agree; but that’s what #prolife means; my life has no more value than that of an unborn child

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