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tough tough loss yesterday for the #Packers; great game though; don’t like Carroll but I respect the #Seahawks; #GoNFC #GBvsSEA #GoPackGo

1:25pm Jan 19 2015 —

RT @breakingseanews: #seahawks fans who left early and found themselves on the outside looking in @KREM2 #GBvsSEA

6:22am Jan 19 2015 —

RT @breakingseanews: #Seahawks fans bummed they left too early and can’t get back in! @KREM2 #kremseahawks #GBvsSEA

6:21am Jan 19 2015 —

hey @NFLMobileCS, too many ads in your app; gotta switch to @espn #packers #seahawks

12:52am Sep 5 2014 —

my tweet last night with @nflcommish e-mail addr was retweeted 100 times (52 the new way, 48 the old way); hope it helps #packers #seahawks

6:36am Sep 25 2012 —

so, we’ll have to have a name for the play or the game; hmmm #packers #seahawks

12:14am Sep 25 2012 —

only bad thing about watching extended coverage of the #packers #seahawks is that I missed the beginning of Fiddler on the Roof on TCM

11:42pm Sep 24 2012 —

when filling NFL coach position, is there rule that requires team to interview at least one white candidate? #seahawks #rooney

6:00pm Jan 8 2010 —

if I believe all these tweets, Pete Carroll said “no” to the #Seahawks, then said “yes”; good thing I can check the web, it’s always right

6:00pm Jan 8 2010 —