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today is my 30 year wedding anniversary; finally taking my wife on a proper honeymoon, but #USAATravel #MemberBenefits is screwing me #shame

6:46pm May 16 2017 —

and it was mostly negative coverage #shame #mediabias

3:51pm Nov 8 2016 —

sorry @DowntownGB, I’d spend more time/money here, but your parking meter won’t let me #shame

6:50pm Dec 30 2014 —

pctg of players with hands over their hearts during national anthem; NFL playoffs: about 70%; Seymour at WDP HS basketball: 0% #shame

1:26am Jan 17 2014 —

@DePereWI city council voted to reconsider homeless shelter ord; vote we passed on 8/20 is nixed; Mayor Walsh broke 4-4 tie tonight #shame

2:33am Sep 18 2013 —

70K tix sold for @Packers #FamNight; 55K attended; assume scalpers have significant portion of remaining 15K #shame

7:55pm Aug 3 2012 —

Christina Aguilera’s #SuperBowl Star Spangled Banner: WORST. ANTHEM. EVER. #shame #disgrace

5:27pm Feb 6 2011 —

another disgraceful Star Spangled Banner by Melanie Fiona, made worse by the kids around her with their mouths shut; #shame

6:00pm Nov 25 2009 —

so @NASA said that two STS-128 astronauts would tweet; well, @Astro_Nicole didn’t and @Astro_Jose tweeted in a foreign language #shame

6:00pm Sep 9 2009 —