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@gegere @danavan yeah, you gotta follow the #smrockgb hash tag based on the content, not who the tweeter is; I stopped too

in reply to gegere — 6:00pm Aug 25 2009 —

the @sncit follower count tripled this week; maybe I should present at the next #smrockgb; “how to triple your follower count in 2 days”

6:00pm Aug 25 2009 —

@tommytrc @tsand @envanotweets also good for tweet via e-mail; multiple people can tweet the same account via cell phone #smrockgb

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RT @tommytrc: Looking for my presentations and video from Be a Social Media Rock Star?? #smrockgb RIGHT HERE!!!

6:00pm Aug 13 2009 —

@pseroogy oooh, technical stuff? crap, I woulda been there #smrockgb

in reply to PeteSeroogy — 6:00pm Aug 11 2009 —

@pseroogy cool; I’ll definitely look for it; I view myself as the roadie that makes the rock star shine; not the rock star myself #smrockgb

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count me in as a huge fan of Google Reader; what a great tool! #smrockgb

6:00pm Aug 11 2009 —

secret to using Google Reader is to find truly helpful RSS feeds; twitter and youtube make great use of RSS; happy to help anyone #smrockgb

6:00pm Aug 11 2009 —

another great tool is which will read an RSS feed, ignore items with certain words, then e-mail you updates #smrockgb

6:00pm Aug 11 2009 —

@gegere hey, buy yourself a drink for me; I can’t make it, got dinner plans #smrockgb

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