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RT @pgdougschneider: #BrownCo exec proposes merging county health dept with De Pere’s

4:03am Feb 22 2013 —

first time (couldn’t make early start time) RT @PGDougSchneider: Good to see @crevier in the audience for #BrownCo Board this evening.

1:13am Dec 20 2012 —

RT @pgdougschneider: Students @stnorbert spend about $7 million in the #BrownCo community in a typical year, college says

5:14pm Nov 13 2012 —

go Jamir! RT @pgdougschneider: Al Jamir of De Pere: Increased access would benefit future #BrownCo residents. ‘Look at how can we do this.’

3:34am Oct 18 2012 —

RT @pgdougschneider: Exec vows ‘new emphasis on #socialmedia for communication’ for #BrownCo

6:19pm Oct 1 2012 —

great guy!!! RT @pgdougschneider: Allan Jamir of De Pere appointed unanimously to #BrownCo Board D-18 seat vacated by @KrisSchuller.

8:38pm Sep 19 2012 —

RT @pgdougschneider: Eight applicants for #BrownCo Board seat vacated by @KrisSchuller, incl De Pere City Council members @crevier & K Bauer

6:58pm Aug 29 2012 —

hmmm @PGDougSchneider: Reminder: #BrownCo Board needs a De Pere resident to fill a vacancy. Resume to Patrick W Moynihan Jr.

9:51am Aug 16 2012 —

RT @PGDougSchneider: Longtime #BrownCo Clerk Darlene Marcelle will go for the 15-gallon mark in career blood donations Monday.

4:35pm Aug 3 2012 —

term limits are wrong; let voters decide RT @PGDougSchneider: Also proposed to #BrownCo supervisors tonight: Term limit: 5 two-yr terms.

11:38pm May 16 2012 —